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How Do Printable Wedding Invitations Work?

Jan 09, 2014

If you’re wondering what printable wedding invitations are and how they work, here

What are printable wedding invitations?

As its name suggests, printable wedding invitations are invites that are designed for you. Instead of being sent to you via mail, a printable file is delivered to you via email or through a digital download link.

Printable wedding invitations are useful when the couple wants to…

o have invitations printed and in-hand in a shorter amount of time
o choose the style card stock onto which the invitations will be printed

Where can you buy printable wedding invitations?

Since it’s the latest trend in wedding invitations, you can find printable wedding invitations nearly anywhere. You can also search online for printable wedding invitations.

Are printable wedding invitations better in quality than traditional printed invites?

It depends. If you choose a reputable printer AND you choose a beautiful paper, your printable wedding invitations can look just as stunning as professionally printed wedding invitations.


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